YouTube now requires comments be made through your Google+ account!

by Rob Lightbody

A couple of weeks ago YouTube announced that they were taking action against comment trolls. YouTube has been known for being the absolute worst website for people unleashing their anonymous venom in the comments area for videos. It really has been bad. No one can disagree.

Well, tonight I started to comment on a video (a nice complimentary comment, I must say.) A pop-up appeared telling me that I would  now be posting that comment using the username associated with my Google + account (Rob Lightbody, my real name of course) that was associated with my YouTube account. It’s not really a big surprise, since this is exactly what has happened to what used to be called Google Places. Places has now been integrated into Google +. Now it’s called Google + Local. For a user to post a review to a local business on Google + Local, one must be logged in to G+ and use their ‘real’ name. I couldn’t agree more with this move by Google. When the Places service was associated with Google Maps, it allowed anonymity in the reviews. Of course, this became a really easy way for competitors and disgruntled employees to post completely dishonest, inflammatory, and libelous reviews on businesses’ Places listings. These reviews could seriously damage a merchant’s business. No joke.

Tonight the same thing came to YouTube. I generally agree with the move, but I must admit I have some reservations about it. What do you think about this?

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