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YouTube now requires comments be made through your Google+ account!

by Rob Lightbody A couple of weeks ago YouTube announced that they were taking action against comment trolls. YouTube has been known for being the absolute worst website for people unleashing their anonymous venom in the comments area for videos.

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‘Exact Match’ Keyword Strategy is Necessary for your Internet Marketing

Here’s a great article from JILL KOCHER in Practical Ecommerce describing the correct use of ‘exact match’ keyword research and utilization. This technique is of utmost importance for the success of your search engine optimization efforts. I am offering a free report

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YouTube is a Valuable Tool for your Small Business Marketing

by Rob Lightbody As a local business owner, YouTube is one of your best resources to help you spread the word about your business. Some only think of it as the home for clips of cute kitties and bad singers, political

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The Basics of New Media Marketing for Small Business

by Rob Lightbody I’m casting my net in person as well as online. Knocking on doors. Old School! Here’s my report – I’m hearing frustration in the voices of small business owners here in Michigan regarding the current state of

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Small Businesses MUST use Social Media

by Rob Lightbody That might  seem like a bold statement, especially to those of you who’ve been in business for several years. Here’s the news – the world is changing. FAST. Marketing, advertising, and customer relations are different now than

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