Real Estate Marketing Strategies – Use Google+ for Amazing Results

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I just made a quick (and sloppy ) video to show you the blazing speed and power of including Google+ in your social media marketing plan for your Real Estate business. No foolin’. Watch the video first and then read on.  . . read on.  As usual, click the little gear in the lower right of the player and choose Quality: 720p HD and watch it full screen to see the all the details.

Most of us (I wish I could say ‘all of us’) understand that social media is a great and valuable way to market our listings and position ourselves as experts in our  local markets, however, there is one VERY IMPORTANT channel that is greatly ignored. . . Google+. See, obviously, Google owns Google+ and is more than happy to index and add posts and other content from G+ into it’s search results. In today’s video, you can see how quickly your posts can become included in Search.  THIS IS HUGE!

Now, by no means am I promising that you will see the same results. Google works in mysterious ways that no one can explain . . . except their engineers, and they’re not talking, but there is certainly nothing to be lost by including this technique in your normal marketing stream. In the Real Estate niche it’s very difficult as an individual Agent or Team to make a dent in Page One of Google. The competition is extremely fierce, and you’re up against the Zillows, Trulias, and’s and tons of other huge Real Estate content providers. It’s really tough. . . though video can work too. . . . but here’s a way to wiggle your way in to the Google machine.

Hopefully, most of us have a GMail address. Your new GMail powered email address comes with a Google+ page. I highly reccommend that you build out your G+ page and start posting there, just like you (hopefully) post to your brand page on Facebook, or your Twitter account, or your Pinterest page, or your YouTube channel. You’re doing that stuff, right? Always remember that your customers are looking for you online. If you’re not there, they will never find you.

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Real Estate Marketing Strategies - Use Google+ for Amazing Results
Real Estate Marketing Strategies - Use Google+ for Amazing Results

Realtors need to be using the amazing, almost magical powers of Google+. Make sure that you have a significant presence on Google+. Post your listings, market reports, fun and educational articles, all of that good stuff. You won't regret it.

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