Wolfnet IDX Setup for KW Mobile App and eAgentC Website

The Wolfnet IDX is an important tool for Keller Williams agents. Wolfnet is the backbone of your eAgentC website and your KW mobile search app. The PDF and video that I made for you will show you how to set up the basic lead-capture feature of Wolfnet. This is a very important (and easy) task for you. First, watch the video and become acquainted with the process. It’s really easy. Then, if you need to, download the pdf to get the step-by-step and click-by-click instructions.  You got this. Now go and do it. It will take you, like, 10 minutes.

Click the red text – KW Mobile App Setup Tutorial – to download the pdf. 

How to set up your KW Mobile App
How to set up your KW Mobile App

Tutorial showing Keller Williams Real Estate Agents how to set up the Wolfnet IDX to work with the KW Mobile app and the eAgentC website.

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