KW Mobile App Eases the ‘Agent Code’ Issue! . . . a little bit. UPDATE

I just received my weekly ‘KW Technology Update’ email from the KW tech team. It seems that they are starting to respond to the suggestions they are getting from Agents. There has been an update to the way that your potential clients link their KW Mobile App to YOU. This is absolutely the most important feature of the app. You want the app to generate leads, and if it’s not easy for searchers to link the app to you, so that you are the only agent they can contact . . . then what’s the point? I’m sure you’re aware of the ‘Enter Agent Code’ issue. Right?

KW has changed the way that your client links the app to you

The update was rolled out rather quietly (?!?) on Jan. 3. That’s when the Mobile App page was updated. Here’s how they made the update known. I got the first hint of this change just today. First item on the email.

Keller Williams Mobile App Update 1

Notice that it’s not about how it’s easier for your customer. The ‘downloading’ hasn’t been the problem. The issue has always been that the user has to enter your ‘Agent Code’  They should be making a bigger deal about this change.  A lot of Agents are unhappy with the user’s sign-up process,

This update is definitely a step in the right direction. Now if they would only take your market center location off of the page . . .

Use this link to send your suggestions to the developers.

Here’s how KW changed the app. . . I haven’t uninstalled and re-installed it, so I haven’t tested the search technique yet. Maybe by the time you read this, I’ll have an addendum to this post after testing.

This is what’s up. KW’s own words. There’s not much detail to be found regarding the changes.  However, notice that the app will show your bio. Did you write any kind of bio in your Profile>Whitepages? Click the image to see a larger version.


Your users can now swipe and slide the screen to find ‘Search for your Agent’.

Check your eAgentC info.

Now, instead of adding the Agent Code to register, the user can swipe the screen and do an Agent search to find your name. The user needs to know that they must slide the ‘Make This My Agent’ button to ‘Yes’ to link the app to you. I guess this is a bit better than entering the Agent code , but we are still asking the client to remember your name (no offense), and take the time to search for you, then know that they have to slide that button over to activate your contact. I’m not so sure that this is a more efficient path. It’s certainly different, but offers it’s own challenges. We’ll see.
Agents, keep telling the programming team what you need. I want to believe that your issues will be addressed.

Please note that in the image above, with all of your contact info visible, you need to make sure that your data in your ‘Whitepages’ profile page and your eAgentC contact data, are correct. Write a bio, for crying out loud.

Email me with any questions you might have about setting that up.

Here’s a calm, meditating dog picture to help you relax.



!!  UPDATE  !!        !! UPDATE  !!        !!  UPDATE  !!


Tonight, I attempted to make a video that shows how to install the KW Mobile App on an Android phone using the ‘Search’ method as outlined above. The video also shows you how to get the app by texting your Agent Code to the phone number ‘87778’. That part worked very well. Sweet! However, it wouldn’t allow me the option to search for my Agent as suggested.  No need to ramble on about it. Here’s the video.

Thank you for your attention.
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Thanks again




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