KW Mobile App – Use an eEdge Campaign to share the Love

Hi Keller Williams Agents! In this video, I show you how to start a Campaign in eEdge that will notify all of your contacts about your Personalized Mobile Property Search App. The Campaign is pre-built so all you have to do is add any or all of your contacts and GO!

The Campaign consists of 3 emails sent out at intervals that you can control. The emails are attractive images that contain your photo and contact information.  Using a Campaign is a great way to get the ball rolling for your Mobile App.

Keller Williams Mobile App

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4 comments on “KW Mobile App – Use an eEdge Campaign to share the Love
  1. MikeKelly says:

    Rob, Looks good. Thanks buddy! We are blasting it out now. How do I import my Top Producer clients to E-edge? Good stuff.

    • Thank you Mike. I’m glad you find my stuff helpful.
      As for your Top Producer clients/leads/contacts, you’re going to have to export them to a CSV file and then upload the spreadsheet to eEdge. HOWEVER, you need to download the sample spreadsheet from eEdge and then format your Top Producer data to conform to it. It’s not difficult, but it can be a pain. Be ready to be frustrated. . .
      Thanks again

  2. Once I get notified that it’s working correctly I will start promoting it to my clients. I will not ask them to use an app that is brokenq

    • Hi Paul,
      Some of the Agents at our company have had some issues.
      Users couldn’t save a listing. The other features worked very well in these cases.
      Don’t wait to be notified by someone, test it yourself.
      Cheers. Rob.

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