Google Search by Voice on your Computer

I have been telling the Keller Willliams Chervenic Realty agents that I work with that SEO has changed. Google is less interested in keywords and more interested in providing answers to the searchers’ questions – real questions posed in a conversational tone. People talk to their phones. They ask Siri a question. They type in broad questions in the search bar. The Google has become more ‘conversational’ and it’s coming to your laptop.

Google released this video today. If you use the ‘Chrome’ browser (you should try it), you can add a plugin called ‘Google Voice Search Hotword’ to enable the voice search features. Yeah, it’s a plugin and kind of a pain, and I don’t expect that you’ll actually install this thing and use it, but it’s an important signpost of things to come. It’s here and you need to chew on this and adapt.  Your customers can’t find you if you’re not out there.


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