Brand your Listing Photos using MS Publisher

The Keller Williams Listing Service, that we lovingly know as KWLS, is a valuable tool for marketing your listings. Using the KWLS, you can add your contact information to your listings. The tweaks that you make in KWLS will be distributed to most of the important Real Estate websites. The only major site that doesn’t update from KWLS is That doesn’t mean that you can’t brand in, you just have to do it manually. I urge you to read my previous article Branding Your Listings in KWLS for an easy lesson in using KWLS for branding your listings.

This tutorial shows you how to use Microsoft Office Publisher to add a logo and your contact information to your listing photos. It’s easy to do and is a great alternative to the expensive and complicated Photoshop image editor. I hope that you make the most of this training. To borrow a phrase. . . JUST DO IT!

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How to Brand Your Listings in KWLS with MS Office Publisher
How to Brand Your Listings in KWLS with MS Office Publisher

The Keller Williams Listing Service provides an avenue for KW agents to brand their listings. The branding can be done by adding your contact information to the listing description and it can be done by adding that info to your listing photos. In this video, I show you how to add the contact information to the images that will be added to KWLS using Microsoft Office's Publisher program. It's easy. It works. 'nuff said.

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