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by Rob Lightbody

Hi, I’m Rob.

I live in Northeast Ohio. I work with Keller Williams Agents. We work together to dominate the Internet.

My Dad was a small business owner. He owned a TV and Radio shop in Youngstown, Ohio. My first job (I was 8 or 9 years old) was sweeping the parking lot and ‘helping’ the bench technicians on Saturday mornings. I worked for my Dad all through High School. I saw the challenges he faced as he tried to grow his business using the media of the day, mainly newspaper ads, the Yellow Pages, and occasionally radio or television spots. Those methods worked out fairly well for him, and business was good. Today, the landscape is very different. The traditional methods of advertising and marketing, on their own, aren’t so effective any more. Your customers’ attention is on a different form of communication. If you want to grab their attention, you need to be where they are – online.

Clinton Township Internet Marketing. Get your business found in search.

My company, Lightbody Media seeks to help Keller Williams real estate agents, and local small businesses leverage the power of the Internet to further establish your brand and bring new customers through your door. I believe that Inbound Marketing, Video, and Social Media are quickly becoming the most efficient and healthiest methods of gaining new business, and strengthening relationships with current customers. I would like to help you grow your business.




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Rob Lightbody
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