Real Estate Marketing Strategies – Use Google+ for Amazing Results

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I just made a quick (and sloppy ) video to show you the blazing speed and power of including Google+ in your social media marketing plan for your Real Estate business. No foolin’. Watch the video first and then read on.  . . read on.  As usual, click the little gear in the lower right of the player and choose Quality: 720p HD and watch it full screen to see the all the details.

Most of us (I wish I could say ‘all of us’) understand that social media is a great and valuable way to market our listings and position ourselves as experts in our  local markets, however, there is one VERY IMPORTANT channel that is greatly ignored. . . Google+. See, obviously, Google owns Google+ and is more than happy to index and add posts and other content from G+ into it’s search results. In today’s video, you can see how quickly your posts can become included in Search.  THIS IS HUGE!

Now, by no means am I promising that you will see the same results. Google works in mysterious ways that no one can explain . . . except their engineers, and they’re not talking, but there is certainly nothing to be lost by including this technique in your normal marketing stream. In the Real Estate niche it’s very difficult as an individual Agent or Team to make a dent in Page One of Google. The competition is extremely fierce, and you’re up against the Zillows, Trulias, and’s and tons of other huge Real Estate content providers. It’s really tough. . . though video can work too. . . . but here’s a way to wiggle your way in to the Google machine.

Hopefully, most of us have a GMail address. Your new GMail powered email address comes with a Google+ page. I highly reccommend that you build out your G+ page and start posting there, just like you (hopefully) post to your brand page on Facebook, or your Twitter account, or your Pinterest page, or your YouTube channel. You’re doing that stuff, right? Always remember that your customers are looking for you online. If you’re not there, they will never find you.

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Real Estate Marketing Help – Use Video to Establish Authority in Your Market

Making videos is a GREAT way to market yourself and your Real Estate business. Now that the market has slowed a bit for the holidays, the time is right to begin to develop new marketing strategies. Video should be at the top of your list of new methods and practices to implement. Video is an effective and fun way to establish your authority in your local area.

For Real Estate Agents, there are endless topics and subjects that you can use for your videos. It would be a great idea to shoot videos in and about your community. Other topics could include: the state of your local markets, top things that sellers should do, top things that buyers should do, community events, local business profiles, and the ways that you serve your clients. The list is endless. Use your imagination and have FUN!

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Here’s Leah Babb’s new video that we made in my studio. This is the kind of thing that ALL of our KW Agents need to be doing.

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eEdge Overview. Navigate Your Control Panel.

This one’s for the n00bs. Here at Keller Williams Chervenic Realty, we have many new agents that are unfamiliar with the many important and useful features that eEdge and Market Leader have to offer. In this video, I show you how to get to the most useful elements of your KW tools. It’s not difficult. You simply need someone to show you how to find ‘em.
Watch this video to learn some shortcuts to get to KWLS, where you can brand your listings with your contact information that will be syndicated to all of the real estate websites…except (I have a video for that too.) Click here to watch the Branding in video. You will also learn the easy way to get to your eEdge Admin panel where you can manage your eEdge website, manage your email, and many other things. I’ll be adding detailed videos about all of these elements in the near future. For now, learn your way around. Explore things on your own. I’m sure you’ll have some questions. No problem. You know where to find me. I’m in Stow. In my shiny laboratory.
Do your branding. Take advantage of all of your tools. Take action. DO SOMETHING!
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KW Agent Marketing – Optimize your Business with is one of the Internet’s popular real estate websites.

As a Keller Williams agent, you have access to a powerful tool. KWLS. KLWS through Listhub will syndicate your branded listings to the vast majority of the most visited real estate websites., however, isn’t one the sites that KWLS will update. gets it’s data directly from MLS. So, if you’re branding your listings with KWLS you can duplicate that AND MORE in

Keller Williams Chervenic Realty provides enhanced accounts for our agents at The enhanced account allows a Real Estate agent to add additional information to their listings. Go to to log in to your account. You’ll need to choose the appropriate MLS. Those of us at KWCR and nearby areas in NortheasternOH will choose. . . um . . . NortheasternOH. Pick the one you use. Enter your license number and password and get to it. If you don’t have an account yet, you’ll need to jump through some hoops to get one. You’ll have to look up your NERDS number through the sign up process, or just get it from the mailing label on your copy of the NAR magazine that you might get.  Whatever.

Make sure that your profile is filled out as accurately as possible. WRITE A SHORT BIO. Upload your professional photo. Verify the data. Follow along with the video. . .  use the pause button if you want to. Replay as needed. Of course, you should watch in one of the higher resolutions. Click the little gear in the lower right corner and choose the highest resolution. You’ll be able to see a more vivid video. On top of that, you should watch my videos in ‘full screen’ just click the button at the lower right. It’s kind of a picture frame looking symbol.

Just sayin’

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Click here to learn how to brand your listings with KWLS,

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Real Estate Agent Marketing Help – Rename Your Listing Photos

I’m sharing one of my ultra-secret real estate listing Ninja methods today. Renaming your listing photos and adding important meta-data can help the search engines understand what your listing photos are all about. Yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.

As a real estate agent, you know that competition can be tough. There are a thousand little ways to give yourself the edge over your rivals. This is one of them.

In this video, I show you how to bulk rename photos and apply meta-data to the images. This data is attached to the images and follows them when they are uploaded to MLS and the important real estate sites around the web. Check it out!

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KW Agent Marketing Help – Add School Info to you eEdge Website

Optimizing your agent websites is HUGELY important. You want to provide as much useful content as possible. Your potential clients will appreciate it, and Google certainly loves it. In this video, I show you how to easily add School Info to your Community pages. . . you have Community pages, right?

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